About the Project
MeetMilo is a webpage builder designed to make it easy for its users to create a landing page without coding. MeetMilo uses AI to generate the copy for the website and utilizes a template system to create the layout. The web app includes a page builder that allows the user to make customizations to the page like images, text modifications, and formatting.
Tech Details
This project was built using NextJs, NextAuth, TailwindCSS, Nodejs/Express, and Postgresql. Using OpenAI's API I was able to fine-tune a model to return data in a specific structure and even give specific instructions for the type of copy I want returned for each section of the page. This data is then returned, validated, and used to hydrate a template.
After the page is created, the user can make modification in the page builder. Once saved, the page is live and utilizes NextJs' server-side rendering to render the page to the user.

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