My time at Boeing was a time full of learning. I was originally hired to help with the scheduling of maintenance for the aircraft in our program. This quickly changed when the program manager learned about my automation skills within Microsoft Excel. This started when the manager asked me to run a report for him on a day he was busy. This required me to pull data from several sources and then manually input the data into the report. This typically took about an hour or two per report and the manager typically did 3-4 of them a day.
     It was clear to me that the manager of the entire program's time was too valuable to be spending that much time on building reports for his meetings. So I offered to automate them for him. The reporting building time now took only 5-10 minutes and required a single click of a button. The program manager was thrilled and had me do the same for the rest of his reports and even for other managers in the program.
- Implemented Microsoft Excel Macros into key metric reports that previously were completed manually
- Drastically reduced report time requirements through automation
- Improved and expanded crucial reports that played a large role in program direction

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